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2022 Weddings in Scotland


The First Minister's announcement today, regarding the lifting of many of Scotland's covid restrictions, signals what we hope will be a glorious year of uninterrupted Weddings.

The Wedding Industry and our Couples, some of whom had to move dates up to four times over, are now celebrating and able to plan ahead with more clarity.

Our Volkswagen Splitscreen Microbus, Meg is taken off road every winter (as all our classic vehicles are, mainly due to the salt on our roads).

This is the time of year we do all the bigger annual maintenance jobs, like changing her fuel lines and other major servicing requirements.

Our 2022 Wedding Season kicks off on 2nd April, with the first of this year’s re-scheduled 2020 Weddings. Despite having some re-scheduled 2021 Weddings also, we still have plenty availability, so please do get in touch if you wish Meg VW to transport you.

Wedding trends for 2022 include outdoor and barn or tipi weddings, a continuation of the last two years of embracing outdoor socialising. In Scotland, usually with a canopy, marquee or some sort of plan B for our unpredictable weather. As the VW Campervan is the most iconic vehicle in which to embrace the great outdoors, Meg VW suits this wedding style completely.

DIY and at home or garden weddings continue to be popular, where a couple’s personality can create something magical. Alongside this, there’s more coming in the way of colour schemes and themes being very natural, as in earthy and leafy tones with added colour pops to emulate bright and jewel- coloured flowers.

One way to achieve this could be setting up a bay window campervan for Guest entertainment. Previous weddings have done DIY camper photo booths, or backdrops. (The former where the people being photographed sit inside, the latter where they sit or stand at the side sliding door or the front of the camper.) We’ve also seen couples using the campervan instead of a sweetie cart, or for a favour station. Some of the more unusual ideas have been a glitter bar for festival themed weddings, or a children’s story-telling corner.

Sustainable and green weddings will of course be here for a long time to come, as couples try to cut the carbon footprint of their Big Day. We love fresh local flowers and choosing a florist who grows their own and tries not to use imported blooms is a great way to embrace this trend. We tend to use good quality artificial blooms to decorate Meg, as they fare better on the front of moving vehicles, in all weathers.

Or consider decorating your tables with potted plants such as cacti, succulents or orchids, which you can then gift to your VIP Wedding Squad.

Another way to fulfil this is of course to rent or borrow or even buy as many second- hand things as possible and the sharing and reusing of wedding items, be that a dress, kilt, table decorations, signs made from pallets etc.

Did you know that our Volkswagens were made before the built-in-obsolescence car market arrived? This means back in the good old days when things were built to last. Instead of to fail after around 10 years, like today’s technology which feeds mass consumerism.

Please may we continue to keep these iconic vehicles in use. If you wish Meg VW to be your something old, something borrowed and something blue, then please email your date and locations to [email protected] and know that you are supporting a small business who will serve you with love and care. And then we can continue to support many other small businesses ourselves.

You can read more about Meg and view her 360 interior tour here.

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DIY Wedding Inspo
DIY Wedding Styling Inspo


Meg Vintage VW Campers decorations
Meg Vintage VW Campers decorations


Meg flowers by mike cook
Meg flowers by mike cook