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Best Guest Campervan Photo 2018

2018, our fifth season, saw our Campers be holiday home/ transport & host to more Guests than ever before. So it’s no surprise we have had more entries for our Guest Best Photo Competition than ever before.

Readers of top travel books “Rough Guide” voted Scotland “The Most Beautiful Country in the World” in 2017. So this could be the year you should visit Scotland before the rest of the world gets here.

If you live in the UK, with exchange rates being as they are, it’s a great year to get to know Scotland better.

If you’re travelling from outside Great Britain, there’s a good chance you’ll get more pounds for your local currency in 2018 than previously.

The Best Way to Tour Scotland

What is a holiday in Scotland like? Why visit Scotland? When to visit Scotland? Who visits Scotland? How to get to Scotland from Germany?

You may be thinking of or planning a trip to Scotland for your 2018 holiday and are wondering how to travel around Scotland and where to stay the night? We can assist with that, especially if you love classic Volkswagen campervans!

If this is you, you might like to choose your perfect holiday home on wheels and book now before they’re gone.


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Once your £150 deposit is paid, your choice of campervan and dates are locked in. There are a very limited number of original, fully restored VW Type 2’s available for hire in Scotland from reputable companies. Please read our reviews and be assured that with us, you are dealing with one of the best campervan hire businesses in Scotland. We are now in our fifth year of facilitating happy camping roadtrips.

Ziggy Vintage VW Camper by Scott Brindley

Ziggy Starvan The 1973 Westfalia by Scott Brindley

What is a holiday in Scotland Like?

Would you like to…

You don’t have to but it may help, if you like:

Our campervans are fully equipped, meaning you can travel light. If you want to bring lots of gadgets, then choose campsites with electric hook-up to charge your devices from the power points in your campervan. If you want to bring lots of gear, then you may want to add The Nodpod, our Teardrop Trailer to your booking.

Agnes & Ziggy by Saskia Bravenboer-van Spijker
Agnes & Ziggy by Saskia Bravenboer-van Spijker

Why should you Visit Scotland in 2018?

A weak Pound against the Euro makes the UK more popular than ever and the Scottish voters’ desire to stay in the European Union has cemented Scotland as a firm favourite destination for Europeans.

The North Coast 500, is as it sounds, the coastal route around Scotland’s North Coast. It’s just over 500 miles long of stunning scenery and our itineraries and campsite pages have lots of recommendations for explorers of this route. Since marketing of this roadtrip began a few years ago, it is gaining popularity, so come now before the rest of the world gets here.

The Isle of Skye (not part of NC500) is so popular, there are not enough beds for tourists in summertime, so we recommend going off the beaten track in summer and keep the magical isle of Skye for Spring and Autumn visits. Or if you must go in summertime, make sure you have your bed inside your vehicle!

When should you VisitScotland?

The best time of year to visit Scotland for a roadtrip adventure is between March and October, when the days are longer. July & August are the busiest months, June and July have the most hours of daylight. Sunshine and rainfall can be erratic in any month, meaning that Spring and Autumn can be as good a time to visit as Summer. The further north you travel in Summer, the longer hours of daylight you can enjoy. With very little darkness if you go all the way to Orkney for example. If you want to see the Northern Lights, heading north in Autumn can provide the best opportunity. Don’t worry too much about the weather, rainbows and atmospheric moody light can make for some of the best holiday photos anyway! If it’s star-gazing through the pop-top roof of your campervan that excites you, you may want to head south to the UK’s only Dark Sky Park in Galloway Forest.

Star-gazing from Agnes by Anna Deacon in Pitlochry
Star-gazing from Agnes by Anna Deacon in Pitlochry

Germany is Number 1 for Overseas Guests

In 2017 almost half a million Germans visited Scotland and over the last few years Vintage VW Campers’ German Guests make up the majority of overseas visitors. It’s no surprise that Germans really appreciate Volkswagens’ reliability, functionality & design but so do most people, they are after all “the people’s car”.

Many of our Guests also appreciate living in a vehicle made before built- in obsolescence, as we now live in such a throwaway society.

If you want to explore off the beaten track, or venture further, we are ideally placed in central Scotland. We are a short drive from Edinburgh & Glasgow airports, so it is quick and easy to escape the crowds and get your holiday started.

Ziggy Roadtrip by Christel Tampe
Ziggy Roadtrip by Christel Tampe

Which airport in Scotland is best to fly into?

If you are choosing which airport to fly to, Edinburgh airport is closer than Glasgow, a 19 mile/ 25- minute journey, currently costing £37 by private taxi. Rather than 32 miles/45 minutes/£42, from Glasgow.

Once you are booked with us, we can advise quickest and cheapest routes by private taxi or public transport, which once again is easier from Edinburgh and is currently £11.80 per person.

Flying from Germany to Scotland 

is easy, look at all these available flights: Direct to Edinburgh EasyJet flies from Munich, Hamburg, Berlin Schönefeld & Stuttgart; Lufthansa from Frankfurt; Ryanair from Frankfurt Hahn, Bremen, Düsseldorf Weeze, Hamburg, Karlsruhe/Baden and Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf & Munich.

Direct to Glasgow EasyJet flies from Berlin Schönefeld, Lufthansa from Munich, Ryanair from Berlin Schönefeld and Frankfurt and Eurowings from Düsseldorf.

Your VW Bulli in Schottland awaits you!

Blondie, David & Groomsmen by Crear Photos
Blondie, David & Groomsmen by Crear Photos

Travelling from England to Scotland

is even easier, with abundant flights and also parking for your own car, while you are are on holiday in a campervan, if you prefer to drive to us.

Our philosophy of sharing these glorious, iconic vehicles in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world is straightforward and we simply want you, the people who appreciate & respect what we do, to have as much fun with Vintage VW Campers as we do.

Vintage VW Campers Team
Vintage VW Campers Team


You can choose your ideal campervan from our 360 VR interior tours or book your adventure here or ask your loved ones to buy you our Gift Vouchers. We also do chauffeur driven Weddings & Events in our 1965 VW Splitscreen, Meg.


(Our featured images above are kindly supplied by Nathan Green from SoonlyWeds.)


As lots of you were wondering what the VW Campervan experience is actually like. We thought we’d delve into the travel journals, which are kept in our campers’ gloveboxes and spill the beans. These have previously only been shared with people hiring our kombis, so for the first time ever we open up to the public excerpts from the secret diaries of Lola, Blondie, Ziggy & Oor Wullie.

Oor Wullie VW Camper Journal
Oor Wullie VW Camper Journal

After all, our previous customers are best placed to inform you what to expect when touring Scotland in a Vintage VW Camper.

At the same time we’ve identified ten points that many of our customers ask before they come or comment on after their trip.

How long does it take to drive the North Coast 500?

We recommend minimum 1 week to enjoy this in a T2 Volkswagen.

We’ll kick off with Lola’s most recent NC500 tour, earlier this month. And a summary of how our customers found the experience.

“Lola was cosy, comfortable, lovely to drive and extremely popular with fellow travellers. We couldn’t ask for a better holiday companion.”

Why does everyone wave & tell you their own VW story?

Because by getting behind the wheel, you have just joined an international VW club. You will be like a magnet wherever you go in your T2 and it’s Volkswagen law that you wave at any other VW Campervan you pass on the road.

“A lovely lady talked to us in the ferry queue- she has her own Lola on Colonsay!”

“We had admiring waves everywhere we went and Oor Wullie made lots of friends”

What’s the weather like in Scotland?

There’s a good chance you may experience 4 seasons in one day. We live in a country where it’s possible to get hurt by hailstones and sunburn in one day.

“Barra here we come! Bumpy ferry ride with no visibility but stunning sunshine when we arrived at Castlebay and found the beachfront campsite at Borve- highly recommended.”

Lola on The Hebrides by Isobel Gowan
Lola on The Hebrides by Isobel Gowan

Where should I go on a tour of Scotland?

Skye is by far the most popular destination for our guests but Scotland has plenty other exciting places to go as well. We offer as much or as little help as our guests want in planning itineraries and routes. To make up your bespoke itinerary we need some pointers on your interests, or where you’ve been before. We love beach and lochsides and will always try to direct you to locations that are amongst the most stunning in the world.

“We spent the day on the west of Harris, enjoying fabulous beaches” 

“We could see the sea while sitting inside Ziggy enjoying a warm soup and good book.”

“At Arisaig we found white beaches and turquoise water.”

Where should I camp & can I camp anywhere?

Scotland has a vast selection of varied campsites and our list of recommended campsites grows daily. You can camp anywhere in Scotland (except the east side of Loch Lomond between March and October) but you must follow the Outdoor Access Code and be responsible.

We travelled up north to Durness, where we spent the night wild camping on the shores of Balnakeil Beach”

“…before taking Lola east to the haven of Lickisto Blackhouse Campsite- an idyllic spot”

What is it like inside a VW Camper?

The driving experience is more challenging, modern cars drive you, you drive a T2. There usually isn’t as much storage space as in a larger motorhome, so everything packs away very neatly. Such as our hidden tabletops, tripods for al fresco dining table and the well for your indoor table.

“We’ve really enjoyed the fun of camping with Lola, meeting lots of other campers, testing our tidying skills, working out how to organise ourselves, taking our time on single track roads and learning to drive properly again!”

Vintage VW Campers Lola interior day mode
The sofa pulls out to make a comfy double bed

Can we cook inside the campervan?

All of our campers have gas cookers, sinks and fridges or coolboxes.

“We used the BBQ you supplied most nights and cooked meatballs & spaghetti inside one night. The campervan cookbook you gave us was inspiring.”

cooking in a VW camper
cooking in a VW camper

Is there an ipod connection?

Our stereos all have ipod/phone connections (cable supplied) and all gloveboxes have at least one CD in them.

“Driving along the country roads in Blondie, listening to Blondie was perfect, we wish she was ours.”

Blondie VW has her eye on you
Blondie VW has her eye on you

“I dreamt a long time about driving up the steepest road in GB. Driving Ziggy up the pass to Applecross while listening to David Bowie was a dream come true”

What’s included?

We include optional extras  but beware of the awning, unless you are staying in the same campsite for at least 2 nights.

“The Awning! It took us 3 hours to put up!!! Lots of “debating” went on 1st about how to do it. LOL. We got there! 1 hour to get down and packed away. Worth doing if you’re not moving around for all the extra space, it’s massive!”

Lola with awning by Andrew Webster
Lola with awning by Andrew Webster

Can I hire a VW Camper for my Wedding?

Although Meg, our splitscreen microbus is chauffeur driven for weddings, our bay window campervans are perfect for self drive weddings & honeymoon. It’s also worth noting that if you use Meg for your Wedding, you can have 20% of a self-drive bay holiday anytime up to your first Wedding Anniversary, as a wee gift from us. As we offer campervan gift vouchers you can even put them on your Wedding Gift List.

“We whizzed Ziggy off to Dunoon to hand in our marriage certificate and then went round Loch Fyne”

Stephanie & Matt by Stephen McClusky Photography
Stephanie & Matt by Stephen McClusky Photography


If you have ever wondered anything we haven’t covered in this post, about the Vintage VW Campers experience, then please email your questions to [email protected]

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to choose your campervan then start your journey here.


Well that’s what it tells us in our diaries for Sunday, so I’m happy to go with this plan.

“What do you mean the clocks are springing forward, making this Spring?”

If you are anything like me, you will optimistically be looking out flip-flops (actually mine have never been put away) and dreaming of sunny roadtrips and BBQs.

Lola & Oor Wullie Easter 2016
Lola & Oor Wullie Easter 2016

As our fourth holiday hire of the week buzzes out of our forecourt, I’m still wondering where the winter months went.

When things quietened down for us in October, we took to the roads ourselves on an adventure to Orkney in Lola. At that time the winter months stretched ahead with more than enough time to do all we wanted in readiness for Easter 2016.

Now it is upon us and most of what we hoped to achieve is completed; we are loving being back to what we do best: looking after our guests and sharing the joy of our VWs with them.

I have to say Solway Campers & Raptor Restoration have worked so hard on our campervans over the winter months that they have been mechanically and cosmetically maintained to an enviably high standard. New parts galore have been lavished on them (as my Bank Manager knows only too well!)

air-cooled engine
air-cooled engine

Those air-cooled engines are now chugging up the Bealach Na Ba, along the North Coast 500 ,down the Northumbrian Coast and over the sea to Skye; spreading smiles, waves and happiness wherever they wander.

If you too would like a Vintage VW Campers adventure in 2016, then please book here.

Ziggy at Bealach Na Ba by Gareth Walker
Ziggy at Bealach Na Ba by Gareth Walker