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Volkswagen Campervan For Sale




Thanks to all who have enquired so far on Lola. Since our last news update, there has been a big change to what we're offering her new owners.

We decided to have the welding work and MOT done ourselves, so that she was ready for her new owners to go camping in, or for daytrips, or to work at the beach or driveway, or.....? What would you do with Lola?

The versitility of a VW Campervan, will only be limited by the owner's creativity.  Today Lola is my office in the sunshine. I may not be at the beach (my favourite spot) but I am enjoying the fresh air while sitting outside Vintage VW Campers HQ in Lola.

So for all those who have holidayed in, got married with, honeymooned in or celebrated with Lola on hire, she's available now for you to take home, load up and drive to your favourite spot in.

Or maybe you haven't met Lola yet but (whether online or on the road) she's caught your eye, turned your head & perhaps made your heart beat a little faster, she could now be yours to enjoy!

Her full advert can be viewed here.

Thanks to Lola's previous Guest, Heather for the featured image.




Lola on Skye
Lola on Skye


Lola at Sango Sands Durness
Lola at Sango Sands Durness